Travis commanding the Alliance at the battle of Destralnoir

"You may outnumber us, you may be stronger than us and you may have less trouble killing us, but shall I tell you what we have? We. Have. Hope. And that is something that you can NEVER take away from us, and as long as we have that hope, no matter how big or small, we have a chance to end this long, bitter war. So let me tell you something: this hope will prevail, it will get us through this war, and it will rid the world of your filth! So come on! Attack us! Start this war all over again, but remember, this one thing: we will fight you, and come what may, we will emerge victorious!" -- Travis Caltor telling Trellis Farrel and his army why they won't win the war


Travis Caltor is a veteran of the Ghost Wars and the ex-guard captain of the King's guard. When he was supposedly killed, he left Kature and became a traveller and a mercenary.When he heard the prophecy about Twig he searched for him for 2 years before finding him and taking him on their quest. When he met Twig, he could tell that Twig had a natural aptitude for sword fighting, but, knowing that Twig could well become a master with blade fighting, made himself Twig's blade teacher. He can use magic, using enhanced combat, pyromancy and a regenerative healing factor, but prefers to fight close-up with dual swords.

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